On Friday, my track “Buck” releases worldwide and it is my pleasure to share it with you today, a couple days early.

On the 10th of November last year I headed into the woods with my guitar, I meditated, I started to sing and, outpoured, in one fell swoop, the album, LOVE. 

A few days prior I’d released ‘Jessica,’ a song that in many respects I’d been goading myself to write for years, I knew it was gonna take courage, from me and the people in my life, but I felt that to move into my greatest future I had to take a holistic look at my past. 

When you’re hurt, it’s easy to generate a web of beliefs that act as a cocoon. Some of those beliefs may be beneficial. Some may not be. One day, you’re gonna have to take a look and see them all for what they are. Just one perspective, forged out of self-preservation. There’s a truth preceding all of it though and…

Years late, maybe, but once released, ‘Jessica’ became a space that took me over. In the following days, I felt the rhythm that had defined my music wash away, the context for what had seemed so heavy became light and in the best possible way, I regained myself.

So, I took myself to the woods, with no intention but to ‘be’ and to ‘play.’ I, like almost everyone, challenge myself to achieve, “you can be free when you finish this record”, “you can take a break when you finish that”, “achieve this” . . .well, for the first time since I was much younger I felt no pressure, to do anything, I’d exorcised the demon. I’d looked it in the eyes and seen that I was all sides of it, a web of lies, upon which I was the spider and the fly.

So, ironic really isn’t it, that into that space I gifted myself, the space to just be and to just play flooded the best record I’ve ever written, and, to my mind, a very important collection of songs.

7 tracks, totalling 45 minutes of music, in a single seamless flood of self-expression, fully formed, totally realised and without hesitation or self-doubt POURED out of me.

7 tracks that felt and still feel, like the most important message I’ll ever say, a record I have entitled LOVE and, the recording process to which, has felt like a voyage through learning, totally, what LOVE means – what LOVE is.

I am dying to share this album with you, it’s not entirely done, but when it is, you will be the first to know.

For now, 2 days ahead of release, it is my absolute pleasure to share with you the first release from LOVE, a song called “Buck”.

Not really my song at all, just a gift that I heard on the wind when I was looking to listen with literally no expectation of what I might hear.